Why Have Blade-Free LASIK Surgery at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center?

  • Experience – Our surgeons at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center have decades of combined experience performing LASIK surgery.
  • iLASIK – We offer iLASIK, a sophisticated blade-free method that allows us to create extremely precise incisions with a laser.
  • CustomVue – WaveScan® technology helps us to create a laser treatment map that is unique to each patient, much like a digital fingerprint.
  • Patient Satisfaction – Great vision is your goal, and our goal. Louisiana Eye & Laser Center has a great record of high patient satisfaction. Be a part of our patient fan base and get started on your path to great vision by filling out the form on this page!
  • Limited Time Savings – We are currently offering $1,000 off Blade-Free LASIK. If you have been waiting for the right time to have LASIK, this is it!

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