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Can I Get A Glasses Prescription Filled Without A New Exam?

Can I Get A Glasses Prescription Filled Without A New Exam?

Got a glasses prescription, but no glasses?  Well the good news is that you’re not alone and you probably don’t need a new eye exam.  This of course depends on your particular situation. As long as your prescription hasn’t expired, you can fill it without having to get a new exam.  Depending on the state, most prescriptions are valid for at least one year or more. Unless your doctor determines that you have an increased risk of your expedited vision change.  Most instances in which a prescription needs to be filled without a new exam fall into one of a few common categories.


Replacing lost or broken glasses

No one wants to lose or break a pair of glasses.  Without glasses, daily tasks can become extremely difficult and in some cases impossible. Some people wonder if you have to get a new prescription if you are replacing lost or broken glasses. Your eye doctor doesn’t want to make things any more strenuous by requiring a new exam when you already have a perfectly good prescription in hand.  If you’ve misplaced or broken a pair of glasses, don’t hesitate to grab your prescription and visit your eye care provider.

Can I Get A Glasses Prescription Filled Without A New Exam?


Still trying to find the right frames

While the eye doctor who wrote your prescription would certainly like to sell you a pair of frames, they can’t legally require you to buy glasses.  Furthermore, your eye doctor is actually required to provide you with a prescription as part of your eye exam at no extra charge.  With the endless options for eyewear available today, don’t sweat it if your provider doesn’t have the frames you want. Most eye care providers will even work to help you find the frames you want.  While clear vision is what’s most important, it is also very important to take the time to pick out the frames that are right for you. So don’t feel rushed to buy a new pair of glasses as soon as you get a prescription – you’ve got time!


You want new glasses

Over the years, glasses have become an integral part of the fashion world.  Just because you want new glasses doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go through the process of getting a new eye exam.  If your prescription hasn’t expired, you can get it filled any time you decide that you need a change. Having the glasses you want is important, because your glasses are more than just a look – they’re a part of who you are!  


You have an old prescription

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a prescription filled without a new exam if your prescription has expired.  It is actually illegal for someone to fill an expired glasses prescription. Even if you think your vision hasn’t changed, you still need to get a new exam before you get new glasses.  Eye exams are important for ensuring both your eye health and your overall health. Fortunately, eye exams are typically quick and easy. If you need a new pair of glasses, but have an expired prescription, you’ll need to schedule an eye exam before you can replace your glasses.


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