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Laser Cataract Surgery

Louisiana Eye & Laser Center - Laser Cataract Surgery

A More Precise & Accurate Cataract Removal

Laser Cataract Surgery Overview

 Laser cataract surgery or laser assisted cataract surgery, utilizes similar technology that is used in LASIK. Using special imaging techniques, a 3D image of your eye is created. This gives your Louisiana Eye & Laser Center doctor a surgical plan for the most precise and accurate procedure. Using this image as a map, a laser is makes precise incisions in the cornea and breaks up the cloudy lens. This allows for an easier and gentler cataract removal. As with traditional cataract surgery, a special liquid and self-sealer is used around the incision, reducing or eliminating the need for stitches.

Most patients who undergo laser cataract surgery elect to have a premium lens implant instead of a traditional intraocular lens implant. This typically gives patients the freedom from glasses and contacts for most activities.

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Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

  • A highly customized and precise procedure using advanced 3D imaging.
  • A treatment with little or no discomfort.
  • A gentler and easier cataract removal, especially for denser cataracts.
  • Generally, a more rapid visual recovery due to reduced inflammation.

Benefits of 3D Imaging for Laser Cataract Surgery

Every patient’s eye has a unique size and shape. By utilizing 3D imaging, your Louisiana Eye & Laser Center eye surgeon can precisely measure your eye. This image gives your surgeon a great amount of detail about your eye and helps determine exactly where the incisions need to be made for a more precise and accurate surgery.

Who Is A Candidate for Laser Cataract Surgery?

Most patients are eligible for laser cataract surgery. Your Louisiana Eye & Laser Center doctor determines if you are a candidate during the eye exam and surgery consultation. To learn more, schedule an appointment today at one of our locations throughout Louisiana.