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It’s a common misconception that if you don’t currently wear glasses or contacts, you don’t need to visit the optometrist. However, regular eye exams with an eye doctor are a crucial part of maintaining your eye health, and by extension, the health of the rest of your body! Did you know that because the eye is the only place your blood vessels are exposed in their natural state, your optometrist can spot health problems like diabetes or high cholesterol before those issues are diagnosed?

Services We Offer

Retina Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Keeping your eyes healthy is what we do best at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center, and our eye care office in Urania provides excellent care for patients of all ages. Contact us online, call us at 318-209-3487, or visit us at 1102 North Pine Road for an appointment today.

Why is Eye Care Important?
Routine exams are your first line of defense against vision loss and will help your optometrist here in Urania provide the treatment you need based on the condition of your eyes.

Nearly eighty percent of everything we perceive comes to us through our vision, so it’s important to keep your eyes healthy. There are some eye diseases that do not show any symptoms in the early stages, but regular checkups will give your optometrist the opportunity to control and treat the issue before irreversible damage occurs.

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What Services Does Louisiana Eye & Laser Center Offer?

Routine Eye Care and Eye Exams in Urania

Whether you have glasses or contacts or not, everyone should have regular visits with their optometrist. Routine eye care is the most effective way to treat any changes in your vision, and we are happy to see patients of all ages, including young children. Schedule a visit with one of our eye doctors in our Urania office to receive an eye examination for you or your family today.

Dry Eye in Urania

Eye drops won’t do the trick here. Professional treatment is needed to address problems resulting from Dry Eye. The glands in your eyes produce tears that cover and protect the surface of your eye, keeping it healthy. When those glands don’t work correctly, your eye is left red, itchy, and vulnerable to the elements. Let us create a custom treatment plan to provide the best care for your unique situation.

Blade-Free LASIK in Urania

We are proud to offer the latest Blade-Free LASIK procedure to qualifying candidates. Used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, many patients are able to see better than 20/20 afterward. If you believe you would benefit from LASIK, contact our Urania office to schedule a free consultation. Our team of eye doctors will be able to tell you if you are a potential candidate for LASIK.

Glaucoma Treatment in Urania

Glaucoma treatment is one of the leading causes of blindness around the world. It results from damage to the optic nerve due to intraocular pressure, and while it can lead to blindness if left untreated, early detection and treatment can help avoid vision loss. Our team can detect glaucoma symptoms and help treat the issue. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Retina Surgery in Urania

The retina is a tiny piece of tissue that plays a huge roll in your vision. This element of your eye communicates directly with the brain to help you interpret light and color so you understand what you see. Should this piece of tissue become damaged, it can lead to total blindness. Retina surgery is an option for damaged retinas and can help restore vision. Contact our team and speak to us about retina surgery and treatment options.

Choose Louisiana Eye & Laser Center
We are proud to work in the Urania area and look forward to welcoming you into our office. If you have questions about the services we provide, accepted insurance plans, or appointment scheduling, call us at 318-209-3487.

The Louisiana Eye & Laser Center practice has been serving patients with exceptional quality and effective treatments for nearly forty years. Let us know how we can help you see more clearly by contacting us online today!

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