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Louisiana Eye & Laser Center - PanOptix Lens Replacement Surgery

PanOptix Lens Replacement Surgery

Louisiana Eye & Laser Center is proud to be the first practice in Central and Northern Louisiana to offer PanOptix Lens Replacement Surgery! This ground-breaking procedure allows cataract patients to see clearly after surgical cataract removal, discovering more vivid colors and lessening the need for glasses.

A cataract, or clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye, occurs with age, and 9 out of 10 Americans will suffer from cataracts by the age of 65. Surgery to remove cataracts has been performed for decades. However, patients with lens replacement often complain of fields of blurriness in their vision, or the inability to see either up close or far away. With the PanOptix lens replacement procedure, patients will be able to see better than ever, many without needing glasses. In the results of a pivotal study at 12 investigational sites in the US, patients demonstrated exceptional, uninterrupted vision, with high patient satisfaction, more than ninety-nine percent of PanOptix patients would choose the same lens again.

A State of the Art Procedure!


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