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Dry Eye Testing

Dry Eye Testing

Our optometrists and ophthalmologists have several ways they can test for dry eye.

Tear Osmolarity: Know Your Number

Tear osmolarity is a key indicator of tear film quality and can, therefore, reveal the potential for and presence of aqueous de­ficient and/or evaporative Dry Eye Disease. The doctors at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center use a diagnostic device called the TearLab Osmolarity test to diagnose this disease. This test assesses this marker and is extremely bene­ficial for both the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease.

Your osmolarity number gives your central Louisiana eye doctor a meaningful measure of the health and stability of the protective tear film that covers the surface of your eyes.

Meibomian Gland Imaging®

With this technology, an image is taken of the glands in the eyelids that secrete the oils that coat the eye. Your Louisiana Eye & Laser Center eye doctor can then assess the health of your oil glands and the correct therapy required.

Ocular Allergy Testing

This is a non-invasive, proprietary test designed to objectively diagnose the most common ocular allergies in the area. This test requires no needles or shots. It is covered by most major medical insurance plans, and you will know your test results within one hour. Once we identify speci­fically what you are allergic to, our doctors will create a custom treatment program speci­fic to your needs.

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