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Why do my eyes hurt after I use the computer?

Why do my eyes hurt after I use the computer?

Let’s face it, most adult jobs require staring at a computer screen for the majority of the day. After sitting in the office for at least eight hours staring at screens, it is not uncommon to experience eye pain or dry eyes. Slower productivity due to eye strain from a computer can quickly turn into a frustrating situation. According to WebMD, this problem is referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS), and around 50 to 90 percent of computer users experience computer-induced eye strain. Not only does this affect adults, but it also affects children who increasingly use tablets and computers at school. At Louisiana Eye & Laser, we provide multiple solutions to cure your eye pain and dryness. Don’t go another day without seeking professional help for CVS and dry eye.


Why do my eyes hurt when I use a computer?

Several factors account for why your computer is hurting your eyes. Unlike books and magazines, screens give off glare and blue lights that cause the eye to focus more. It also requires more energy to read from a computer screen due to various distractions and rapid image changes. Most workers switch back and forth from looking at a piece of paper on their desk and then back at the computer screen, forcing the eye muscles to overwork. Studies also show that most people tend to blink less while using a computer screen, which adds to eye discomfort. Sometimes eye pain can even trigger an unwanted headache.

At Louisiana Eye & Laser, we recommend updating your prescription and investing in blue light reading glasses if you experience repetitive eye strain. Other simple adjustments can also help reduce the problem, such as reducing the light on your screen. We recommend taking multiple breaks after extended time on the computer and reminding yourself to blink regularly.


Why do my eyes feel dry after I use a computer?

Because most do not blink as often while using a computer, the eyes tend to dry out relatively fast due to the lack of tears produced. The experience of dry eyes also increases with age. If most lifestyle changes, including reducing screen time and taking breaks, do not minimize eye dryness, it might be time to invest in artificial tears. Eye drops reduce the symptoms of eye strain and dryness because they keep the eyeball lubricated continuously. Investing in a humidifier for your workspace is also beneficial. The more moisture in the air, the longer it will take for your eyes to dry out.


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At Louisiana Eye & Laser, we prioritize the comfort and wellness of our patients. Our team of dedicated eye professionals will assess your needs and provide the best solutions for each case. Sometimes eye pain and strain due to computer screens need multiple solutions before a patient sees results. Studies show that eyes tend to become increasingly strained over time from computers. It is never too late to invest in your eye health. Eliminating your eye strain and pain will make you a more productive worker and provide a more enjoyable work experience.