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The Vitreous is the gel-like substance that is contained within the eye between the retina and the lens. A number of common eye problems can arise when things go wrong within the Vitreous. Read on below to find the answers to common questions that patients have about the Vitreous. 



  1. What does the vitreous do?
  2. Vitreous Diseases


Many people experience floaters, flashes, or are having other problems with their vision. At Louisiana Eye & Laser, we can ensure your ocular health with an eye exam from one of our eye experts. Just call, fill out the form below or stop by one of our 14 Louisiana locations to schedule your appointment!


What Does The Vitreous Do?


The Vitreous, also known as the Vitreous Humor, is a gelatinous substance that fills the eye and prevents it from collapsing. The Vitreous also puts pressure on the retina. This pressure holds the retina in place and prevents serious visual problems. Without the Vitreous, many important pieces would not be able to effectively do their job.  


Vitreous Diseases


As we age, the Vitreous begins to slowly shrink in size. This shrinkage can lead to some noticeable phenomena and in some cases can lead to sight threatening diseases. Here are some of the most common problems that people experience relating to the Vitreous. 


Vitreous Detachment


Vitreous Detachment is an eye condition that is directly related to the shrinkage of the Vitreous Humor. Basically what happens is tiny fibers that are attached to the retina get pulled by the surface of the Vitreous as it recedes away from the retina. Sometimes these fibers actually detach from the retina. When this happens it is called Vitreous Detachment. This phenomenon is most common with people who are Myopic or nearsighted.


Does Vitreous Detachment Affect My Vision?

Many patients wonder if Vitreous Detachment will affect their vision. The answer is yes, but only slightly. When someone undergoes Vitreous Detachment, they will experience an increase in floaters. While this can prove to be annoying, there is no serious threat to your overall vision. 


Retinal Detachment


Retinal Detachment is the most serious condition that involves the Vitreous. This occurs when the Vitreous leaks through a retinal tear and gets into the space between the retina and the layers behind it. Eventually the Retina will start to detach from the back of the eye. This is a serious problem and must be treated immediately. 


Flashers and Floaters


The most common problem that people face relating to the Vitreous is floaters and flashes. When the vitreous ages it slowly decreases in size and recedes from the retina. When this happens, small fibers are removed from the retina which causes noticeable floaters. Floaters are just a byproduct of vitreous detachment. 


Is There Something I Can Do to Prevent Vitreous Diseases?


The most effective defense against Vitreous Detachment, Retinal Detachment and other problems in the eye relating to the Vitreous is regular visits to an ophthalmologist or eye doctor. Having regular eye exams will help the eye doctor be able to better diagnose and solve problems before they affect your vision. Watching out for early warning signs such as floaters and flashes can potentially end up saving your vision if there happens to be a serious problem. 


Vitreous Care at Louisiana Eye & Laser 


Louisiana Eye & Laser has been serving the people of Louisiana for over 40 years. We have helped countless patients with vitreous related conditions. If you are experiencing an increase in floaters or just want to be up to date on your eye exams, give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment with Louisiana Eye & Laser. Everyone deserves clear vision, let us help you live your life to the fullest!