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Eye Floaters and Spots

eye floaters

Have you noticed specks of various shapes and sizes dotting your field of vision? Wondering what is going on? Not to worry, most of these spots are not harmful. As one of Louisiana’s leading eye care providers, we get lots of questions from our patients about floaters and spots in their vision. Continue reading below for more information about what causes these spots and what they are. If you are concerned about your vision or think you may have a more serious problem, call us or contact us here online to schedule an appointment at one of our Louisiana eye care centers.

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  1. What are eye floaters and spots?
  2. What are eye spots and floaters made of?
  3. If I see spots in my eyes, does that mean I have an eye disease?

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What are eye floaters and spots?

Spots in your eye, often called floaters as well, are small and cloudy or semi-transparent particles within the vitreous. The vitreous is the clear fluid that, somewhat like gel, fills the inside of your eyes. These spots often appear as threadlike strands or cobwebs, but can be of many different shapes and sizes. As you move your eyes, they seem to dart away and move when you try to look at them directly. This is because they are in your eyes, in the vitreous, not outside them.

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What are eye spots and floaters made of?

Most often, spots and eye floaters are small flecks of protein or other harmless matter that become trapped when yours are forming before birth. Sometimes they can also appear as aging causes the vitreous fluid within your eyes to deteriorate. Some eye diseases or eye injuries can also cause the appearance of eye floaters and spots.

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If I see spots in my eyes, does that mean I have an eye disease?

These types of floating eye spots are not typically harmful and rarely inhibit vision. However, if you are seeing more spots all of a sudden, especially in the center of your vision, schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists immediately. This can sometimes be an indication of a more serious problem. Our eye care providers can determine if the spots or harmless, or if they are an indicator of a more serious issue that requires treatment.