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Eye Doctor Near Northwestern State University of Louisiana

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Don’t let your vision interfere with your college experience! Located just 7 minutes away from the Northwestern State campus, Louisiana Eye & Laser of Natchitoches is happy to welcome NSU students, faculty and staff. With all of the latest eye care technology, we want to help you live your best life by providing top-notch service and eye care.

Over the last 40 years, Louisiana Eye & Laser has become one of the Louisiana’s most trusted eye care providers for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our convenient location and excellent service have made us the go-to eye care choice near Northwestern State. If you would like to learn more about our services, insurance coverage options, or schedule an appointment at our Natchitoches location, give us a call or contact us online.

What services does Louisiana Eye & Laser of Natchitoches offer?

At Louisiana Eye & Laser, we’re here to help with all of your vision needs. Our trained medical staff provide services that range from simple, routine eye exams to the latest optical procedures. We treat patients who need LASIK, cataract surgery, dry eye treatment and other procedures. We offer all of the benefits and services of a big-city practice, right here in Natchitoches!


Routine Eye Care and Eye Exams near Northwestern State

Routine eye exams keep you healthy and seeing clearly by catching disorders in the early stages. Sometimes, you may not even realize you have a disorder, because many impairments don’t show early signs. A regular eye exam is the only way to know for certain that your eyes are happy and healthy. For students, clear and healthy vision is a vital part of classroom success. If you have trouble seeing from the back of the class or your textbooks are becoming a little blurry, we’re here to help!

Blade-Free LASIK for Northwestern State

Laser vision correction can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK is a safe, quick and highly effective procedure. Louisiana Eye & Laser offers blade-free LASIK, which is the most effective procedure for reshaping corneas. The procedure is quick and easy, leaving many patients with clearer vision shortly afterwards. Some patients even experience vision greater than 20/20!

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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can be difficult to treat without early detection and can lead to blindness if it goes untreated. There are typically few symptoms in the early stages of glaucoma. If you are experiencing loss in your peripheral vision or if you are seeing rainbows around lights, contact our office immediately.

Retina Surgery

The retina is an essential part of the eye that processes light and color. The retina basically tells the brain what the eyes are seeing. In fact, without our retinas, seeing would be impossible. If the retina is fully damaged, surgery is the only way to repair it. However, if retina damage is caught early, it can be treated without having to have surgery. If you are experiencing flashes of light or floaters in your vision, you may be displaying symptoms. The experts in our local eye care office can help detect and treat damage to your retina.

Cataract Surgery near Northwestern State University

Cataracts are a common disorder that involves a clouding of the natural lens. If left untreated, cataracts can cause blindness. Fortunately, cataract surgery is an extremely safe and routine procedure. In our Natchitoches office, the procedure often takes 10 minutes or less. You can visit our office, call or go online for more information about cataracts, symptoms and treatment.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye is a disorder in which a person is not able to produce enough quality tears to sufficiently lubricate and protect the eye. Dry Eye is either caused by a lack of tears or a lack of nutrients within the tears. If you think you may have Dry Eye, our eye care professionals can measure your tear film quality and aqueous levels in order to make a diagnosis. We are able to offer many different solutions to treat Dry Eye, depending upon each patient’s individual needs.

Choose Louisiana Eye & Laser for eye care near Northwestern State

If you’re looking for a quality eye care provider near the Northwestern State University campus, look no further than Louisiana Eye & Laser. Located just two miles off campus, we can handle all of your eye care needs. For college students, clear vision is essential, which is why we proudly serve the Demons of NSU!

Our office in Natchitoches is currently accepting new patients. If you have questions about insurance or need to schedule an appointment, visit our office, call us or schedule online.