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Why do glasses hurt my ears?

why do glasses hurt my ears?

Nothing is worse than glasses that hurt your temples and ears. After picking up a new pair of glasses that perfectly frames your face, you notice a sharp pain behind your ears. This pain can trigger headaches and became a nuisance in your life. Here at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center, we prioritize our patients’ comfort by properly fitting each pair of eye glasses. If your frames are causing pain, we will adjust them or help you choose a new pair for a more comfortable fit. 


Why are my glasses hurting my head and ears?


The shape and material of the glasses factor into the painful fitting glasses. Sometimes the material of the glasses, specifically metal and stainless steel, cause allergic reactions for those who are allergic to nickel. Proper glass fitting also calculates the head size, face shape and frame size. Most glasses are bent towards the backend of the frames reducing glass slippage. When this bend is too severe, it causes pressure, which can be painful. The smaller the contact area is, the higher the pressure will be. The smallest contact areas come from the thin frame. A narrow frame causing pain might not be the right fit for your face, but a similar style frame with thicker arms can solve the problem. Lightweight glasses also tend to reduce pressure behind the ears as well; however, too heavy glasses will cause pressure points in other areas.


Glasses sizes and fitting


The best way to avoid ear pain is by adjusting your glasses. We recommend seeking a professional to adjust your glasses. The professionals here at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center will give you an honest opinion on the glasses best suitable for your face and head shape. If you choose to adjust your frames at home, do not over-bend your glasses. Small movements have a more significant impact on the frames than you think. Press down with your fingers on the area, causing the pain. If you think you are allergic to your glasses, we recommend trying a different material. Most people do not experience allergic reactions with plastic frames compared to metal. 


Should I switch to contact lenses if my glasses hurt?


People switch to contact lenses due to lifestyle and appearance; however, some people switch to contacts because they do not like the fit of their glasses. Although Louisiana Eye & Laser Center provides a wide range of contact lenses, we recommend owning glasses as well. Glasses might not be your everyday choice, but it is crucial to rest your eyes from wearing contacts. Eye infections are relatively common, and wearing glasses gives your eyes the proper time to heal. Don’t settle for contact lenses as a solution to your poorly fitted glasses. We will help you navigate through a glass fitting and contact lenses if you decide that is the best option for you. 


Shop glasses at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center


You might not be sure if your glasses properly fit you. Please don’t panic; at Louisiana Eye & Laser Center, we are happy to help fix frames. Even the slightest adjustment can make a huge difference. Our professionals are dedicated to fitting glasses that not only look amazing but feel great as well. Please stop by our office for your next glass fitting.