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Is It Possible To Get Rimless Glasses With A Strong Prescription?

Is It Possible To Get Rimless Glasses With A Strong Prescription?

There are many advantages of having rimless glasses.  Whether it is for performance, cost or style, rimless glasses are a popular choice among eyeglass wearers.  However, you may be wondering whether or not rimless glasses can hold your prescription. The answer is actually yes, you can get rimless eyeglasses – even with a strong prescription! While full-rim and semi-rim glasses do provide more support than rimless glasses and are recommended for stronger prescriptions, it is possible to get strong prescription lenses in a rimless style. 


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What are rimless glasses?

Rimless glasses are glasses with holes in the lenses, which allow the lenses to be screwed directly onto the bridge and/or temples.  Rimless glasses have been a popular eyewear choice since the 1800s and can provide many benefits over other types of eyewear. Comparatively, full-rim glasses have frames that completely surround the lenses and semi-rim (or half-rim) glasses have rims surrounding half of the lenses (normally on top).  With rimless glasses, the ultimate difference is simply that there is not frame surrounding the lenses. This can be appealing for several reasons, including performance, budget and even fashion.

Is It Possible To Get Rimless Glasses With A Strong Prescription?

Better Performance Rimless Glasses

Traditional, full-rim glasses can sometimes feel heavy on your face – especially with stronger prescriptions and thicker lenses.  Rimless glasses can be a lightweight alternative to heavy frames, as they don’t have any of the added weight from the rims. This puts less pressure on the nose pads, feeling lighter, less tight and more comfortable on your face.  Because rimless glasses put less pressure on the nose pads, you may also notice that they leave less of a mark on your nose when you take them off. Rimless glasses are just as effective as full-rim or semi-rim glasses at correcting vision and they are often equally as durable.


Rimless Glasses Cost Effectiveness

Rimless glasses are generally less expensive than traditional frames.  Naturally, the cost of production is reduced, since there is less material involved in the process.  While the price of your glasses can still vary depending on your exact choices, the decreased cost of production will typically be reflected on the price tag.


Rimless Glasses Fashion 

With nearly 75% of all adults using some kind of visual correction, glasses have become an increasingly integral part of modern fashion.  As with all trends, rimless glasses have been in and out of fashion many times over the years. Compared to traditional frames, rimless glasses reveal much more of the wearer’s face and highlight more of the natural features.  In today’s pop culture, rimless glasses are most closely associated with the late Steve Jobs, perhaps adding to the sophisticated and modern look they tend to give.  

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